Alec Baldwin Is President Millard Fillmore's Doppelgänger


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Aren’t we all really Baldwin Brothers?

Edit: Except for Adam Baldwin of course.


Okay, that President Buchanan was gay and out at the time was news to me (burying the lede?).


I’m looking forward to Alec Baldwin’s starring role in Fillmore, coming November 2018. A gripping prequel to Lincoln, it follows the fierce battles in Congress over the Compromise of 1850, including the pivotal moments of Zachary Taylor’s death and Fillmore’s intervention in favour, delaying the Civil War (and therefore the events of Lincoln)


What’s interesting about Alec Baldwin is how different he looks now.
I mean, we all look different, and IMO, he still looks great, but -


I like the way that his eyes have changed from “come to bed” to “come to bar”.


I worked on a movie of his once. Every Friday he used to buy 50 pizzas for the crew.




That’s pretty cool.
I also like that he punches paparazzi on a regular basis. <-- Not sarcasm.


Huh… I don’t really see it (in those two photos).


Is that what we’re calling it these days?


which is which?


There are those who say that Fillmore. . . never died.


On a separate note, yesterday my eight year old daughter taught me that Abraham Lincoln took pills that may have affected his judgment. The pills were called Blue Mass, and the active ingredient was mercury.


Wow, he used to be a hunk! Well, at least his voice is still awesome ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, except Baldwin doesn’t dye his hair white like Fillmore did.


And played “Words with Friends”


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