Alex Jones blames "leftist stay-behind networks in US intelligence agencies" for malware on his site


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When you find malware in the InfoWars online store and are looking forward to the unhinged theories you know will soon spew forth.



Okay, yeah, that really is exceptionally out-there looniness, even for Jones.


I just love the suggestion that AntiFA are working with US intelligence operatives :rofl:


Huh. You could only have a “stay-behind” network if a bunch of invaders came in and took over.


Ah. Turns out blocking those trackers is worth it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




I assume he means leftists who work in intelligence agencies and operate against the rightist government. You know they are really supposed to totally replace the staff at the intelligence agencies between administrations. 100% turnover.


Maybe he meant Left Behind? Hm, nope, Alex would absolutely have been sucked up by the Rapture.


Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that.
'Course, Cage is probably the only person who could out-rant Jones.


He left out the gay frogs and George Soros.


But in Cage’s case its extreme method acting…in Jones’ case…well…it’s a absence of pharmaceutical aides.


Remember around 10 years ago when Jones was just a quiet little conspiracist you could laugh at?
I reckon that is when the meds ran out.


No leftists left behind? Blame shrub43.


I thought he might be thinking of Home Alone.


Is it because he’s not taking meds? I always assumed it was because he was abusing them.


Why not both?


I am going to say it only seems exceptionally out there for tech savvy folks the likes of which are common here.

Jones and his flock are not tech savvy at all.


I mean, they support the coup 100%.