Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass. Pre-order it for $40


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This is how AI takes over the World, via Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Stop laughing, it’s happening right now.


Do you have to say Alexa, or can you say Big Mouth Billy Bass?


If there’s one thing I learned from The Sopranos it’s that Billy Bass will eventually sell you out to the Feds.




I always believed, deep down, that Big Mouth Billy Bass would one day justify its own existence. That day has come.


It’s unclear to me if it works the same as the hacked versions or not. I hope so:


Well I know what new IoT project I want to work on next.


Beat me to the punch.


Needs a bumper sticker:

"Gas, Grass or Bass: Nobody Rides for Free!"


i have a friend whose goal was to find enough of these in garage sales and thrift stores to cover the wall in the hall from her guest room to the bathroom with them. the horror of being a guest at her house and having to pee in the middle of the night would be excruciating, lol


Of all the weird, useless fads to keep swimming upriver, Big Mouth Billy Bass takes the bait.


I just got an Amazon Fire tablet.

First thing I did was disable Alexa.

No. Just No.

Give me a free software AI assistant that doesn’t report my life to advertisers, and then maybe.


How about a whole shoal of Alexa-enabled bass on the wall, muttering to each other in the watches of the night…


Thinking about how many surrealists it takes to change a lightbulb.


How many Freuds does it take to change a lightbulb?




The lightbulb has to want to change?




Santa is a virus.


Hm, house guest filter?