"Alexa, is anybody listening?"

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

“The (eaves dropping) team comprises a mix of contractors and full-time Amazon employees who work in outposts from Boston to Costa Rica, India and Romania, according to the people, who signed nondisclosure agreements barring them from speaking publicly about the program. They work nine hours a day, with each reviewer parsing as many as 1,000 audio clips per shift, according to two workers based at Amazon’s Bucharest office, which takes up the top three floors of the Globalworth building in the Romanian capital’s up-and-coming Pipera district. The modern facility stands out amid the crumbling infrastructure and bears no exterior sign advertising Amazon’s presence.”


You put a microphone in your home and this is what you get.


Captain Renault is shocked! Shocked to find that eavesdropping is going on in here. /s

Obligatory XKCD…


So the reassurance from these massive corporations that the device only listens when it hears the keyword are in fact bullshit? I’m shocked. Not shocked.

Also bearing in mind all your recordings may be sent to the wrong person…


In regards to voice data sent to the wrong place, State actors are listening to everything. Annnd Romania? If the Romanian mafia doesn’t bug that location I’d be shocked.


I have enough difficulty convincing people I know why these things are a terrible idea without mentioning state actors, even though I agree with you. They just think you’ve been pulled into the same conspiracy nonsense orbit as flat earthers and that you’re a luddite so ”get with the times” and “privacy is dead anyway”.



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