Security researchers can turn Alexa into a transcribing, always-on listening device


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It has a microphone. It’s connected to the internet. Duh.


Doesn’t seem like it’s too hard to get Alexia to do what it is already doing, but slightly more. Go figure.

I don’t know how people don’t find these anonymous corporate listening devices for you home to be creepy. Are they really that convenient?


Another argument for the Right To Repair.


Hey, Google, how do I hack Alexa?


It does amaze me (and apparently many here) how this news might surprise some people. Doing all of this is the devices core functionality, just slightly repurposed.

Its like everyone being surprised that a “weapons researcher/axe murderer” figured out how to cleverly hack a woodcutting axe and use it as a weapon.


That guy that keeps getting locked in the garage in the middle of the night sure seems to need one.

They have a high novelty factor, it can be fun to mess with. I use the timer often, and for cooking conversions, math, etc. The answers to questions can be hit or miss, too long or too short, etc.

I think they would be fantastic investment for an elderly person still trying to maintain a living at home… “Alexa call 911”, etc.


“Alexia, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


We have noticed that you are interested in ambulances, here are a selection for sale near you.



That’s one way to summon better looking drivers.


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