Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: abolish Columbus Day, replace it with Voting Day


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Most other developed democracies hold their elections during the weekend. Do some research.


And public transportation should be free for the day so everyone can get to the polls.


I had this idea a little while ago on reddit. I also stated that Columbus Day should be taken away and A Voting Day replace it, but moved to the following week or the day after Veteran’s Day. That
way, Voting Day will be tied to a day that honors those that have fought and died for the right to vote. Adjustment could be made of course.


I love how she proposes the day off so that regular people can vote and this tool accuses her of simply trying to get a day off.


Lol. I am liking this new Representative.


The problem is that we’re talking about the USA here-- people will use the day off to sleep late or go to the mall or watch TV all day, and still not vote.


Saturday or Sunday is a “day off”. That doesn’t change just because it happens every week.


Maybe. It’s still worth doing, though.


One-third of our country works on the weekend, brother. For those working more than one job to make ends meet (arguably the citizens most in need of a voting holiday) it’s closer to 60%.


It’s Thursday in the UK. Canada does it on a Monday. Denmark is usually a Tuesday. Ireland is Friday. Israel is a Tuesday. Netherlands is a Wednesday. Norway is a Monday. South Korea is a Wednesday. The EU is 4 days from Thursday to Sunday. It seems like several nations don’t hold elections on the weekend. But you are right. Many nations hold elections on the weekend. And if you are lucky enough to have a job where you get the weekend off, that might seem like a perfect solution. Of course, that does mean that those we have to work on the weekend (which is mostly low paid workers) wouldn’t benefit at all from a weekend election unless it was also a national holiday.
Let’s be inclusive of everyone and give them the day off no matter what day the election is held.


A Federal voting holiday would be just another work day for most retail workers, emergency services people, transportation workers, etc. A Federal law requiring time off for voting might help. A longer voting period, vote by mail, early voting all would help. Perhaps, like Australia, we can make voting compulsory. I sort of like the idea of making voting a holiday, but I don’t think it will help


Tell that to the millions of people who work on weekends.


Voting should be required. You can vote blank if you want, but vote, dammit.


Belgium has such a law. It doesn’t prevent them from electing fascists.


USA exceptionalism: even without required voting we managed to vote for a fascist.


Well, yes. The solution to that is an enlightened, active, informed electorate, and you can’t legislate that. But making voting more open and attractive to the people is generally a good thing, even if the people often cast stupid votes against their own best interests.


First, hello ■■■■■ sibling

Second, This past Veteran’s Day had me seriously contemplating the benefits of converting that holiday into an Election Day/National Service Day. I’ve spent the past couple of Veteran’s Day planting trees and cleaning parks… and then claiming my obligatory free dinner and Starbucks. If I could vote on that same day, my civil service panties would be extra_moist


The idea behind increased voter participation isn’t that we necessarily get better elected officials. The idea is that we get elected officials who better reflect the values of their constituents. Obviously that’s still a problem if the voters favor fascism.