Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will pay every staffer a living wage, ending the longstanding practice of Congressional staffers taking second jobs

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does anyone else see a resemblance between aoc and the younger rbg?


Apparently the revolution will be televised.


She reminds me of the lady who played the mother in Holy Mountain. IMDB is not helpful for finding her name though.

The character probably isn’t what most people consider a flattering comparison since it’s not exactly a cheerful film but that actress nailed the role…


oops accidental self-reply some one needs coffee

It’s Santa Sangre too, not Holy Mountain. Good lord, Imma go crawl in a hole and die now.


Trying to square the even-handed reporting on this topic against the publisher’s other alleged actions and not making much sense of it. For that matter – what the hell is the former Congressional Quarterly doing getting mucked up in astroturf?

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An incredibly savvy politically move. Which also happens to be the right thing to do. Classic AOC. The political system is cracking due to the egregious inbalance of wealth and power in this country. One of the cracks was large enough to let a normal person with above average political skills slip in.
The question is whether she and others can drive a wedge in the crack to open it further before it can be filled with “great stuff”.


Fun movie though.


She’s going to pay her lowest staffers a living wage by paying her highest-ranking staffers half the median salary of other congressional staffers in similar positions. Of, course, in true socialist fashion, AOC herself will be making double that wage with her $175,000 salary, because some animals are more equal than others. Typical socialist hierarchy- The sacrifices are made by the turnip-picking peasants, while the party bosses sit in their comfy chairs at the Politburo.

The consequences of paying senior staffers a half wage will be a high turnover rate when staffers hit the $80K cap and jump ship for better-paying jobs, and that will result in an incompetently-run office(you get what you pay for). That shouldn’t be a problem for AOC though, incompetence being her normal operating procedure and all.


image …just sayin…


Well, and THAT will result in AOC planting grateful friends she has lifted out of poverty and trained to her way of thinking into all the other congressional offices. She is undermining congress itself I tell you! Better watch that woman.


Friends like her boyfriend, who, in an amazing coincidence, has the same name as the “marketing consultant” she just put on her(the taxpayer’s) payroll.

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She’ll also have her choice of low-level staffers.

The sensible thing here, though, would be to increase the budget for staffers so that Congress can give them all a decent wage. You can’t tell me that low-level staffers commonly having second jobs helps anybody, or that there isn’t a high potential for conflict of interest.

But that would make sense.


Oh, and Miss AOC has just moved herself into a newly built LUXURY high rise apartment! Going from a bartender working on tips to a $175K a year Congresswoman with free health care and many other free perks must be sweet!

She hasn’t managed to open a district office yet though.


She has the audacity to pay her staff the way she chooses? Socialism! Communism! In a free market she would be required to pay the same wage as everybody else! Also, I heard she wears clothes!

Excuse me now, while I create a second account to applaud myself.


The best and brightest on her staff will be paid slightly-more than her coffee fetchers, and half what their peers are making in the same positions.

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for her.


The more people try to make me hate her, the more I like her. Funny how that works sometimes. I hope she has a long career in front of her.


If your goal is the destruction of freedom, liberty, civilization, and prosperity…in short, the end of the USA, then AOC in 2020.

But she can’t she’ll be 31 in 2020 and she needs to be at least 35 to run for president. That darn Constitution getting in the way again!

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Next you can explain from a capitalist perspective how hypocritical she is to buy stuff from Amazon while opposing the $3.4B NY subsidy.