Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can't afford to rent a DC apartment


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I am sure the democratic party had some where she can use…


I was looking to see where I could donate to her housing fund and then realized, wait, she is a superstar of the Democratic party. She will be taken care of. Didn’t they make a Netflix show about this?

Good on her for becoming the youngest female House member in history, Now join the rest of the freshman class.


So… Only plutocrats or lobby paid politicians can afford to live on DC?

It seems to me that the system is working as intended…


Well, no. The article says she can’t afford to live there until she gets sworn in and is then able to draw her congressional salary.

After that of course, she’ll still be a pauper compared to other congress people but she will be able to afford an appartment.


Somebody is punking her; she should be sworn in in two months, not three. Maybe they’re hoping she’ll miss the swearing in and thereby vacate the seat.


She’s already the most millennial rep ever, and now couchsurfing for a few months when moving to a new city for a job? Sounds about right.


Not exactly a new problem… apparently, rent in DC is really expensive…


DC rent is really expensive. But is it more than NYC rent? And is there any issue with her not moving in until January? Or for that matter, getting a small loan to cover the rent?


Yeah, I immediately thought of Schumer’s and Durbin’s (et al.) roommate arrangement too. There is something refreshing about that story. Thanks for posting.

It’s not unreasonable to think Ms. Ocasio-Cortez could be temporarily a roommate of a [future] colleague, once she starts checking her networks.

Traditionally, DC residents themselves often step up to accommodate people temporarily. I wonder if one would be willing to help out here.


Maybe a lobbyist can come to her aid and provide steeply discounted housing, like they did with Scott Pruitt… Oh wait, she probably has scruples, never mind.


The “three months” means until she actually gets a paycheck, which is a month after you start work for a lot of jobs. Surely there’s a Democratic House member willing to let her stay in their office until then. When the departing Congresscritters move out in January, that should open up some housing. Considering how many new women will be in Congress, the youngest progressives should rent a house together.


I think the problem is that she is not already wealthy, and she needs to keep a residence and office in NY and DC. She can’t completely move to DC because she needs to stay in touch with her NY constituents…


Coded message to anyone that wants to buy her votes!


/u/remindme 10 Years - Check her financials for current net worth.


I don’t know if members of congress get paid on the same days as other federal workers, it’s typically every two weeks. So it’s possible that she’ll get her first paycheck in the first half of January.


I for one think it’s a good sign that she’s being open and transparent about all this. Sure, she probably can bunk up with a future colleague, or find a place which will extend her credit for the first month or so, but it’s a good attitude to start with. She’s going to be living in a goldfish bowl anyways, so why fight it?


The Rent Is Too Damn High!


Now that’s a house guest we’d love to have for a few months. Sorry we’re on the wrong coast…


I like that plan. We’d be willing to put her up in N Baltimore for a while, even help with commuter expenses. Wonder if she’d take the offer seriously if I could find a way to communicate it to her?