Watch: Ocasio-Cortez responds to dance-phobic Republicans with a new dance on Capital Hill


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Deja vu, again.

The GOP is just jealous of AOC’s boogie.


Like cats, Republicans can’t dance, and they don’t want you to either.


Republicans are becoming ayatollahs, not sure if funny or sad.


Mostly just predictable.


Despite every failed attempt to humiliate and troll Ocasio-Cortez on social media so far, the desiccated old and young fogeys of movement conservatism still don’t see what she really represents: the demographics-driven death of the GOP.


:musical_note: We can leave those jerks behind…
Cuz yo’ reps don’t dance
And if they don’t dance
Then they’re no reps of mine!:musical_note:


They just need more Bacon.



Dear POG I hope you’re right.


Shoots, I don’t dance, and I find this somewhat sad.


Bacon does go with almost everything, but methinks they really need some Blues.


They’re completely out of touch with the realities of being a young person who isn’t a 1%er in America. So far they’ve made fun of her because she didn’t have the starting capital to rent an apartment in an expensive city, because they didn’t understand that she could buy a nice-looking work outfit at a discount outlet, and because she made a video of herself and her friends dancing when she was 19 years old.

She should really pre-emptively troll them with an Instagram of herself enjoying some avocado toast.


oh no, next there will be a scandalous pic of her holding a red Solo cup!


I think they do, and that’s exactly why they attack her so much, although ineptly.


I’m trying to find a single Republican I know who is actually bothered by this. I’m quite right-of-center and I think (a) it’s objectively charming and (b) she’s about 1/100th as awkward as I was at that age.


related: I literally watched about 20 of these in a row just now. They’re addictive!


But so much better than anyone holding up a red MAGA Cap


I think it might be pearl-clutching for dollars, so mostly talking heads on fox news and the low-rent knock-off versions, not real life, regular republicans freaking out over dancing.


Was coming to say “Christ…have they not watched Footloose the greatest film of all time?!?”


Now the US will fall apart, as Capitol Hill turns to dance offs to solve all it’s problems.

The winners will be whichever side has the better choreographers.

Think “West Side Story” but in real life.