Algorithms analyze brain scans to identify people with suicidal thoughts


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91% and 94%? O.O

It would be fascinating to see if these results can be replicated. And to see if other “tendencies” can be predicted by machine learning using brain scans. Interesting and scary. Minority Report may be nearer at hand than expected.


If they could do this quickly and automatically, I could easily see a quick fMRI being added to the list of things that you can be asked to submit to at the airport.


I, for one, welcome our new…
oh, fuck it.


Can’t wait for those algorithms identifying political dissent.


Short note: if someone tells you that fMRI can be used to whatever, you should definitely first call bullshit, and then look at the design. If you are still interested, look at the stats. But usually, calling bullshit is enough.


I can only hope such research also improves the actual actions of doctors and psychs - if it just allows them to more accurately identify people they still can’t help, that’s not something I’d jump for joy over.


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