"Alice" is a dark and brilliant reimagined adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

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One of my favourites too.


See also the Brothers Quay, esp. the aptly named Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer:


Also my favorite adaptation. It arguably doesn’t really capture Alice, as the books are so based on wordplay, while Svankmajer’s film is much more focused on the visual, but perhaps that is why I like it best, as it treads its own path while avoiding unwinnable comparisons.

Here’s the opening of a fairly spiffy BBC adaptation created by Jonathan Miller. All the characters are played by humans, as humans, which I think is acceptable as so many of the animal characters were caricatures and parodies of people and types Carroll knew. (Although, the melancholy tone would be better suited to Through the Looking Glass than the first book.)


Sort of an unfortunate frame for the pause button to land.

I was seven or eight when I saw it. The White Rabbit will haunt my dreams until I die.


One of two films I’ve seen on the big screen where I was the only person in the theater. The other was Koyaanisqatsi

If you like Jan Svanknajerr’s wonderful movies I highly recommend his masterpiece “Conspirators of Pleasure” about people who have strange erotic/asmr fixations. Fun.

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Yes, the White Rabbit is deeply menacing in this version.


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