Trippy trailer for "Alice Through the Looking Glass"

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I will gladly await its’ release on NetFlix or Amazon.

I clicked on it and it went to “fall streakhole”! That is trippy!

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Yea right - drops of water. You think we don’t know the Great Old Ones when we see them?

yet another unicorn was born!

How do you not see that the next step in chemtrails is chembubbles!!!1???

Sigh. Was anyone else but me actually offended by the last movie? I mean, what an incredible wasted opportunity it was. If you’re going to spend that kind of money and get together that much talent, why in the world would you squander it on such a piece-of-treacle-flavored-shit script? Unnecessarily renaming the Jabberwock was the least of its offenses. It took away everything that was fun and madcap and ingenious about Lewis Carroll’s creation and turned it into a third-rate Willy Wonka parody.

Of course, it made a billion dollars, so why wouldn’t they go ahead and fuck up the sequel in a similar fashion?


Oh I’m with you. I was really looking forward to the first film when I saw the concept art and costume designs but I was painfully disappointed. I found it utterly unenjoyable and blah which felt like some kind of betrayal considering how whimsical and grand it promised to be. I couldn’t even love to hate it. It wasn’t ludicrous-bad; it was bad-bad.

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I haven’t seen it, but based upon what clips I’ve seen and reviews I’ve read, the same question occurred to me. The makings of a great script are included with the original story!

My favorite adaptation of Alice’s Adventures is easily sound artist Randy Greif’s five disc “Alice in Wonderland” set. The nitrous oxide is completely optional.

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Yeah, the first movie was just plain boring. I don’t think I’ll be seeing this one.

The Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland is easily the worst of the eight versions (I just counted) I have seen.

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But the first film already used the red & white queens, Jabberwocky, and Tweedledum & Tweedledee from ‘Through the Looking Glass’. So the second one will presumably bear even less relation to Carroll’s work.

I feel much the same about Jonathan Miller’s version, despite its reputation…

The was a pretty good game about fifteen years ago.


Always wanted to play that, never got to it.

There’s also a sequel, came out in 2011. Might have to check it out.

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Ah ah ah. Matrix 2 taught me that “Well, at least the sequel to that abysmal piece of crap couldn’t be worse than the origina, right?!” Is a sentiment fraught with potential irony. I’ll steer well clear, thanks.

The previous movie may, in fact, be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I didn’t think Burton could sink lower than he did with his debasement of Wonka, but, good Lord, was Alice an awful film.


For me, the moment that had my brain doing the cartoon-style exit from my skull (grabbing its hat and suitcase on the way, natch) was Timothy Spall, an actor I love, having to utter the line “They have my wife and pups.” The only reason I didn’t follow my brain out of there was that I was sat next to my nephew; whose birthday treat it was. As @Donald_Petersen said above, I felt offended.

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