Alien Man dared to dream


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Alien Man dared to dream

Hilarious parody of actual bootleg Chinese toy but even more enjoyable without context.

(Wait, does that make it a bootleg bootleg? That’s a lot of boots!)


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I can’t stop laughing over “Nightmare Feddy”.

And did Aluen Man’s tenacity get him the part, or did it turn him into Alien Man?


“Nightmare Feddy - For Age 4 And Up”



“The Furniture of Law Enforcement”

Really? I thought if anything that would be ED-209


They seem to vary from looks-like-a-bootleg to something like this, where it’s so off, on every level, that it clearly isn’t. (The use of Japanese characters, which don’t even transliterate “alienman” for example.) Some obviously use actual (bootleg) toys, even if the packaging isn’t, and others are clearly custom-made or altered. Ultimately it’s the wonkiness of bootlegs, but taken up a notch.


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