'Aliens: Fireteam' reminds me of Atari Jaguar 'Alien vs Predator'

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Wasn’t expecting an AvP on Jaguar reference on bb today. I always lusted after a Jaguar and that game! I will have to check out this new one, but may wait until I get a PS5 at some point.


Those AvP sound effects…

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This new game looks pretty cool…


It does,
I’m conflicted about the 3rd person, over the shoulder camera work however. Not sure how that will work out.
But damn, I love a good bug hunt.

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Some games allow you to switch?

I am a little wary as the last space marine game got bad marks and I never got it. I rarely get AAA games as it is. But this might make me go for it.


I prefer a stand-up fight.

Indeed, they are fantastic; especially the weird gun noises. The tense and yet bombastic, soundtrack is great too.

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Man, Alien: Isolation was freak-out fun. But this…

This looks to be increasing the sweaty-palms intensity level.

I’m in!


There’s a second hand electronics shop just round the corner from me, and last year they had a jaguar in. I was seriously tempted but didn’t have the cash at the time. Was lovely to see it in the window though.


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