Aliens: Dark Descent looks like an incredible experience

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If you’re into Alien and games, it’s worth noting that the unbelievably good Alien: Isolation is deeply discounted on both Steam and I believe both of those contain all the story DLC.


Is that Aubrey Plaza playing the commander? It kinda looks like her, but I can’t find any info on the cast.

Ooookie doke. So I was good at Alien Breed 1 and 2 on the Amiga. I suffered through the PC Alien Breed reboot (Impact iirc?) -another tactical 3rdP top-downer, but awful. I loved Isolation but is more narrative than game IMHO. If they get this right it should be good, so fingers x’d!

Yeah, this game was fantastic, apart from that interminable slog to the communications dish outside the facility. That felt like swimming through molasses.

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H.R. Geiger’s creations of course predate the movie Alien by several years.


I love the creepfest of Isolation, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for Dark Descent, too.

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So “Xeno-Com”?

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thats a penis GIF

(yes I’m keenly aware of the sexual nature of Geiger’s works, I just think the gif is funny)


Even funnier for me was seeing the Aliens action figures in the toy stores in the early 90s - their distinctive heads were unedited for childrens’ consumption. It was still, very clearly, an anatomically-correct penis. Amazing that Kenner got away with it.


This looks amazing!


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