Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comic Series

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Drop Ship from Aliens ???

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I just got the Earth War mini series, which I think was the 3rd volume/books from Dark Horse. Sam Keith illustrated it. It was pretty good. I do want to go back and get some of the older book. There are a few Terminator ones I never got. I did collect any Predator and Terminator comics I could get.

Oh - Aliens Tribes by Dave Dorman (not a comic, but a book with his GORGEOUS illustrations) is one of my favorites.

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If I recall correctly, this was the series that featured the following dialogue, spoken by a Fed to a minor character (I quote imperfectly from memory):

Under the terms of the Smith-Doe Act, you have been declared a terrorist. This means you have no rights in American law. Any means of interrogation up to and including torture can and will be used.

It’s scary that in less than thirty years something used to indicate a horrible dystopia can be become almost mainstream political thought.


Aliens 30th Anniversary

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#Tempus Fragment

District 9 was brilliant, the rest of Blomkamp’s output not so much. And as much as I’d like to see Ellen Ripley again, I’m reminded how my desire to see Indiana Jones and Han Solo again ended. Sometimes it’s better to leave things in the past.


Labyrinth, written by Jim Woodring (!) was my favorite. Even without his signature hallucinatory qualities, he still has a way with language. Not so surprising if you’ve read Jim, but likely a revelation to people who know him only from Frank.

Also, Alien³, while flawed, is way underrated.

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Alien³ - I liked it. I liked it more after watching the “director” commentary and documentary on the Quadilogy DVD set.

I say “director” because unlike the other 3 films, Fincher pretends this film never happened and other people do the commentary. The early concepts were truly interesting, but the problem with the film is they started shooting with out a script. Honestly when you learn how fucked production was, you will be amazed how GOOD the film turned out. The effects I also really liked. Certainly it has its weak spots, but if you didn’t have the first two to compare it to, it would stand better on its own.

Also - fun fact - I got an ashcan copy of Aliens vs Predator: Deadliest of the Species and my letter appears in the first issue.

I would be interested to see how the wooden space station monastery could be presented, but the aesthetic would have been way too far off the rails for that universe. Might fit in something less “realistic” like Dune or Riddick.

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