Wouldn't it be great if Ellen Ripley was your therapist?

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I don’t know about my therapist, but if I were in horror movie grade trouble I would love to have her in the forklift suit or schlepping a taped together pulse rifle/grenade launcher/flamethrower.
I have not watched Aliens in a while but was it a Bechdel pass? I think Vasques and the drop ship pilot got shitty with civvie ‘Snow White’ but I do not recall much other dialogue.

Vasquez and Ferro talk about Ripley.

Ripley and Newt talk about monsters.

Ripley and the alien queen talk about Newt (is that a stretch?)

I’m pretty sure Daryl Gregory basically wrote this as a novel.

Best scene EVER!!(Bechdel uber win!)

PS, thanks for the opening, I was hoping to slip this clip into the thread!


Isn’t that the film that actually gets name-checked in the comic that originated the idea of the Bechdel Test?

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(edit) Oh wait Alien, not Aliens(Alien II).

I checked it out, I was kind of expecting that there would be more story. or at least another round. or that I could make a decision other than to hear or not hear about their week.The trigger warnings seemed to be for some pretty tepid descriptions.

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