Director Neill Blomkamp ("District 9") shares art from abandoned "Alien" sequel



It’s… interesting, looks like it would have basically erased 3 and 4 if Hicks is still alive.

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I enjoyed District 9 as it was surprisingly action packed. I was less impressed with Elysium as it just settled everything with a fist fight and then made no attempt to address the results of free access to a panacea for planet already suffering from massive overcrowding. Having suffered through Prometheus, I’d like to see something worth while to take the sense of disappointment away.

Well, we have Chappie to look forward to in a couple of months.

On the subject of Alien, I never did get around to reading William Gibson’s unused Alien3 screenplay.


I saw the Chappie trailer before the final Hobbit movie (I’m disappointed with the Hobbit films, but I don’t hate them). It looks like something I’d like, and I kinda want to see Chappie in the theater, instead of at home.


A homage to the originals, in keeping with their status as all time classics? Intent on further exploration of the iconic characters, exhibiting an understanding of the darkness and design that inhabits the original two films?

Scrap it.

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Ripley wakes up and we find out Alien3 and 4+ were just her having a nightmare? Hicks and Newt are still alive? Possible return to the pre-A3 universe that Dark Horse comics had running? YES PLEASE!


If you can’t put Bill Paxton in it somehow (or Ron Perlman for that matter) you might as well scrap it.

You know cause of this:

-of course I thought Aliens Resurrection was “good”, so my opinion my be invalid.


Damn. That looked quite interesting.

I’d not heard about “Chappie”; thanks for the heads up.

I’ve started reading the script for Alien3; pretty good so far. :smiley:

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