All of IT development summed up in one image


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Yeah that is close enough.
Thanks for some happiness today @orenwolf


I like how the group that looks most alike to the others are the sysadmins, which leads me to believe that a sysadmin drew up this (very accurate) chart.


Sysadmin for sure…


All I can say is that I absolutely wanted a Neo trenchcoat back in the day.


Given how my morning went, in which I had to show the sysadmins how to sysadmin, the developers how to develop, the QA people how to assure quality, the project managers how to manage projects, and the designers… wait, where the heck are the designers? They’ve been out of sight all day!

Oh, crap, I better go check on this immediately. Somebody might have given them access to the production websites!


oh no, the dreaded Jack of all trades, master of none : P

as seen by everyone


Okay, do you see now WHY I quit being a designer in IT?


Couldn’t find any washable fingerpaint?


Exactly! :slight_smile:


This is totally and undeniably true.

Well, there’s this one telco vendor, they apparently see me as a demon from hell. Which is totally their own fault; I was only trying to help! I didn’t even know I cracked their entire global customer base in one shot; they shouldn’t have used the same root password in every single installation they’d done in the prior ten years… I bet they have a dartboard with my picture on it somewhere.




Guilty as charged. I got an email from a client asking if they could choose their own passwords instead of the random 12-character alphanumeric passwords I provided. My answer was, sure, but if it’s memorable, then it’s an insecure password. That was two weeks ago, and I haven’t heard back.


They should just write it down on a bit of paper and keep it stuck on the monitor.
Two-factor security - something you have (the password on paper) and something you know (where your desk is) right?


As a sysadmin I would say everybody’s image of sysadmin correct.

For example, this is me at lunch:


Wait, you are a sysadmin who gets to take lunch? Is your company hiring?


That’s on you, dude. You don’t take lunch ever, everyone just assumes that you never do.
(same applies to PTO)


This is why I prefer science to engineering. Scientists try to break each others’ toys, and our own, and the best way to make friends is to break their toys in interesting ways.


I get about 10 minutes but mostly due to flipping people off while I try to eat.


I’m a tier I. Everyone is a terrifying and angry god in my eyes.