All your bird poop are belong to us

Interest in islands, however, has only increased- I’m sure the US would jump at the chance to claim an undiscovered island (and the oil underneath the seabed around it) based on the fact that it had guano.

We can’t fully manage the maintenance of forward references now, even with hypertext. Even a Science Citation Index must be implemented in a separate document you have to know you can go to. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could find links to later germane developments embedded in ancient documents like Magna Carta?

Or would it?

White gold! Say, wonder if the Senkaku / Diaoyu / Pinnacle / Whatever Islands got any bird poop on 'em? Let’s solve this the old fashioned USA! way.

The fact that an AMERICAN law exists that grants AMERICAN citizens the right to claim islands for their nation doesn’t means bird-guano to other nations recognition of the claim.
Now the size of american armed forces, on the other hand…

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