Fun with feces


Dinosaur Coprolites. I have several, collected on my summer geology field camps as an undergrad. Well, I should say HAD several, they’re now on display at my old High School’s science lab and the Geology department of my alma mater.

They were not the best finds at the camp, one guy stumbled onto a near-perfect Ammonite specimen half a meter across. . .

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I really hate scatologists. . . they’re always talking shit.


It would be great if the photograph had some measure of scale – such as a penny or ruler. We want to see how big the poop is!

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We want to see how big the poop is!
From Wikipedia article: seven-inch-long (19.5 cm)


In 2003, it broke into three pieces after being dropped whilst on exhibition to a party of visitors. As of 2003, efforts were underway to reconstruct it.

The Archaeological Resource Centre really has their shit together!

Is there anything particularly noteworthy about this turd? I’m trying to understand why someone would come across a piece of crap laying on the ground, and think, “Hey, I should keep this”.

Of course, the standard unit of measure for this material is the “Katie Couric”


and “Fecal Occult Blood”.

I try to excuse myself early from those parties.

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Since my feed reader doesn’t show post author in the main index, I sometimes like to play “Guess the Author”. And yep, with a title like “Fun with feces” who could it possibly be but @maggiek?

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Because it’s from the 9th century. Poo from the 9th century can tell us a lot of interesting things about people from the 9th century.

I’ll take this as a compliment.

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Sure, but the guy who found it didn’t know that. To him it was just a piece of shit that he picked up.

Dug up. From deep underground, with a major city sitting on top of it for centuries. Archaeologists live for this sort of thing.

It's the same as the chemical process that browns your toast. No shit.

I love you for this pun.

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So that’s where I left it…

Bolted down, for your security.

Wonderful. Been down this rabbit hole- if I’d been born 55 years earlier than I had been, I would have never lived to poop (’s_procedure). My resulting peculier physiology (“The third section of your small bowel is not in the normal location, but we can’t do anything about that” to quote a doctor during an ER visit a few years ago) has resulted in a lifetime poop obsession. One of my greatest achievements in my college years was a less than 48 hour transit time. (BFA, if that helps explain…)

9th C. poo?
Surprised that more hasn’t been discovered…

In days of old when knights were bold
and toilets were not invented,
they laid their load beside the road
and walked away contented!

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