World-beatingly giant dinosaur poo for auction




According to the auction site, it’s from the Miocene to Oligocene, so it’s 34 million years old at the most, so definitely not dinosaurs. Also, articles suggest that they’re not actually poops.


Look at it! Just look at it!


Just look at it…

…even it’s probably not actually fossilized dinosaur poop.

Also, “anal extrusion striations.”


Well, shit.


I haven’t seen a turd that size since `97

Windows `97.


Evidence of a prehistoric fun factory?


Weird Shit?


The passer of this remarkable object is unknown…

The work speaks for itself.



Are you shitting me? I don’t think you know shit about this. Same old shit different day, I’m tired of this shit. I wonder if this is the same shit that TSA guy was talking about when he said “You don’t have shit for rights.” He’s probably sitting there with a shit eating grin on his face right now thinking his shit is special. As you may have noticed this is all just a bunch of shit.


It’s not official until it’s been verified by efsmi.


Meh, you can buy those on Amazon


Estimate $8,000-10,000

That’s it? A can of “artist’s shit” sold for 100,000 GBP in 2008.


A poop so big that people are still talking about it 34 million years later? I believe I have found my opus…


The ultimate standard for The IPK of feces. Whoever buys it, I hope they donate it to the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures.


Reading the above quote, I had a vision of Lewis Black providing a review.


I’ve heard of the Long Now, but considering backing this one out, I can imagine another take on the phrase.


How about Myles Barlow?


Is that the Swiss equivalent of The Onion?

My favorite line:

“The official unit of measurement of fecal samples is the couric”

Let’s make Katie present that story on the air.