How big was a T. Rex turd?


Apparently it’s “paleoscatologist”, though “paleoeschatologist” has a nice ring to it, too.


It was one of those things that I always wondered about as a child*…

*defined as an age that is less than I am now.

Aw Maggie, you should start a Turdsday on Tuesday, like Caturday on Saturday. You always bring the good shit.


Turdsday on Thursday would be more alike to Caturday on Saturday. Just sayin’.

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Good idea.

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Yeah. A paleoeschatologist would be someone who studied prehistoric philosophies about the end of the world. It’s a cool idea: maybe the dinosaurs were more contemplative than we have ever imagined (after all, ideas don’t fossilize), and actually did ponder their impending demise…

No shit.

Proper metric units, please! That’s about 2.2 Courics.

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You’re right. Tuesday would be more like Deuce-day.

And beware the weekend crossover with science facts about cat poop – Scaturday.

If she’s right, it “could” have been the work of a T-Rex?

Surely if she’s right, then indeed it “was” the work of a T-Rex? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just finished The Book of Farts
Now the book of Dung comes out.
Both stink.

So, does she polish the sliced turds?

Come on, we all know that every T. Rex turd would have been a different size and consistency, and T. Rex would have wondered how on earth this related to what he’d eaten the previous day, but never figured out any kind of sensible pattern.

Everybody poops!

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