The dumb T.Rex controversy everybody's talking about

Scientists found a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth embedded in the tailbone of a duckbilled dinosaur. Now, everybody wants to know: Does this mean T.Rex really was a predator, rather than a scavenger, as has been proposed in previous studies? The correct answer is “STFU.” That’s my paraphrase of John Hutchinson — who studies the biomechanics of… READ THE REST

Imagine the controversy if it had been a T. Rex fingernail embedded in that tail.

I imagine pulling a tooth on a duckbill tail must’ve hurt.

Biting a Stegosaurus tail would probably hurt more…

Did you know the total time between the stegosauruses and the Tyrannosaurus rex is about twice as much as the time between the Tyrannosaurus rex and you.

Makes you cry a bit to think they would never have meet lol


God forbid there are science articles that get the public interested in science. Even if they are somewhat sensationalized, at least it’s not flat out WRONG.

I guess this is kind of pedantic, but as someone who works in taxonomy it drives me crazy when people capitalize specific epithets. Should be Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex. Italics would welcomed also!

I guess that would have made it all the more painful! :slight_smile:


Or, to put it another way…

T-Rex, Predator or Scavenger?

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