Human beings are the gut flora of immortal, transhuman corporations



That explains the crap all around.


Yes, and most of us are impacted.


And you serve your master well.

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Not immortal, they can die, and they are legal to kill if done correctly, the best is with a damages lawsuit for fraud or other malfeasance.
Just need to find the jurisdiction, judge, and probably at least a few appellate court judges with the gonads to strike the dragons down rather than worrying about how it will affect their career.

At least we’ll always have epigenetics.

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Fight the power; buy Society-Brand ColonCleanse today.

(that’ll be one big pile of shit)

(we’ll be the shit?)

(ok why not, it’ll be like an enormous collective luge race and a rebirth at the same time)

(this metaphor has gone too far)

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I was wondering why it feels like I have to eat shit an awful lot…

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It’s amazing how much more sense everything makes when you shift your perspective an order of magnitude. I’ve long held that the first grey goo infestation has already happened, it began in Levittown, NY in the 50’s, and shows no signs of slowing down.


Human beings are the gut flora of immortal, transhuman corporations. They stomp around doing what they want, while we merely ride along to process their crap. Most work to keep the beast alive, while a very small number are like a virus trying to bring the damned thing down.

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Shouldn’t this be in the



Part of me automatically wants to bitch about the complete lack of context or content here, but…yeah, I can’t really disagree. Cory’s nailed it.


…Now this is interesting! AcerPlatanoides mildly criticizing a Doctorow post, while PhasmaFelis mildly praises it? The end times must be upon us. :smiley:


How does the trickle down theory work in this context?


Of course, if we bring it down, we die too!

Gut flora are symbiotic with their host. Humans do valuable work to help corporations survive, and in return the corporation generate goods and services that everyone depends on. It’s easy to throw stones at corporations, but without them technology would never advance and many endeavors that are valuable to mankind as a whole would never be undertaken.

Ok, then why are Oil Companies and Telcos still alive?

Or Tobacco and Gun Companies that literally kill people?

I call Bdellovibrio!

Because the oil and telco companies have wisely invested enough power and money to capture the regulators and change the laws to suit them, voters cant change anything because they only get an apathetic vote after a similar left and right flavor is pre-chosen for them. Remember when even mighty Standard Oil and Ma Bell were broken up, I cant see that happening today. Tobacco is a legitimate target they knowingly claimed for too long that their product was not dangerous, gun companies and the gun-nut press on the other hand seem to have endless arguments and claims on which anti-human designed firearm is the deadliest for a given scenario, I see no distortion of fact except perhaps exaggeration of the danger of their products both in marketing to government agencies and to individuals.