Merger: a science-fiction short about corporations as literal (as well as figurative) AIs

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I don’t think we are like “inconvenient gut flora” to corporations. Gut flora serve an essential function as part of the organism and are largely ignorable.

We’re more like “crops to be optimized and harvested”. Provide the minimal inputs to keep us working maximally, distractedly entertained, and non-revolutionary. Extract the maximum yield into the corporate entity and its owners.


i.e. moving from a figurative The Matrix to a literal The Matrix.

Ugh - video is broken.

Tag ‘eschatology watch’ sounds like ‘scatology watch’ - which considering that another tag on the message is ‘gut flora’, is a pretty crappy situation.



Thank you! That was unsettling. And I was hoping to see her face melt off at the end.

That was neat. I was most of the way through it before I realized I could drag the view around and see other angles.


Why would you want to look at the bit without the pretty lady in it? Ohhh.

Love this, and loved Hyper-Reality too. Guy’s a genius.

A little saddened though to see that one of Mr. Matsuda’s other shorts is “A short film … celebrating the 130th Anniversary of BVLGARI.” It actually looks sardonic on first viewing but appears to be sincere.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand bills gotta be paid though (I also exchange time/services for cash!).

The video is also youtube in case you’re having issues with vimeo.

The real horror is that Clippy is still around. :fearful:

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