Ben & Jerry's on Black Lives Matter and the police killing of George Floyd: We Must Dismantle White Supremacy

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“Silence Is Not an Option”


Heads up: Was unable to get to the comments through the main article, had to search for it in the forums.

About the post itself. Right on, i’ve always admired Ben & Jerry’s for having definite and strong opinions on issues that mattered and this statement shows as much. I hope that the things they are broadcasting will be taken seriously, i know i am but will politicians? Probably not but we must demand action.


Social justice is sweet and delicious.


Maybe I’m just reading into it, but doesn’t that sound like they’re making a distinction between Trump and political officials who were actually elected to their positions?

I’m a fan of subtle shade.


That either means he knows the writing is on the wall and they are about to get voted out, or he thinks the senate and executive branch is safe from democratic control. Knowing McConnell, it’s probably the latter, not the former.


I’m heartened by these statements I’ve been seeing from various corporations, even the ones (unlike this) that feel like hollow statements intended to curry popular favor. Because at least the corporations see what they’re voicing support for as popular and/or on the right side of history. Which is something, these days.

Still, I was momentarily taken aback by the “We must dismantle white supremacy” image. I thought they were announcing a new flavor. Like a “We Must Dismantle White Supremacy vanilla ice cream,” with streaks of dark chocolate and/or black licorice or something.

(And before you say anything - that actually is a good flavor combo. Damn, now I want some.)


How about a new chocolate-based flavor called All Cookies And Brownies?


Tastes like teargas!


McConnell is keeping his eye on the ball, like any good monster behind the throne.

I’m always skeptical of corporations taking a social stance no matter which side they take.

Their goal is to sell product.

I guess it’s good that Ben & Jerry’s has said something, but… I’m still skeptical of motive.

Like Gillette calling out toxic masculinity.


“Black Lives Batter“

or maybe

“Nuts to Systemic Racism”


I agree one should always be skeptical of corporations’ actions and motives. But marketing is an indelible part of culture and, like art and journalism, it can never be truly neutral.


This is my feeling. Corporations have an agenda and that is to make money. I second guess any propaganda they send out to the internet regardless of favorable content. Why do they take a stance at all? Shouldn’t they do this on their own personal social accounts? Or not at all? Companies are essentially sociopaths, incapable of empathy, exercising risky behavior, being callous, irresponsible, manipulative, and deceitful.

I work for a company and I have not allowed them to even publish a COVID19 update, because it has nothing to do with what we do. Every time marketing wants to push something in response to public, political issues, I change their friggin password to the mailchimp and forbid them to log in until that feeling has passed. At work, we only talk about work.


Don’t forget, B&J’s isn’t the small Vermont company that it once was, but a subsidiary of the massive multinational corporation Unilever.

Their message is appreciated (and it’s certainly on brand), but if you have the extra cash, maybe skip spending it on ice cream, and instead give it to one of the many groups needing assistance right now.

You could help us Minneapolitans rebuild Lake Street, for example!


How do you make a dead Nazi float?

Two scoops of ice cream, two scoops of dead Nazi


If Ben & Jerry said it, it’s real and part of the way they ran their business. They didn’t just “talk”, they saw change as a part of their business, so entwined that it couodn’t be removed.

But, they did sell the business, so it can now be suspect. It’s a bit too bold, but big corporations do jump on bandwagons to sell their products.


Totally random, my brother just sent this to me:

Again, and nobody has to agree with me, but at this time there isn’t a corporation that I’m currently aware of that I would trust anywhere near this movement. Bottom line, is their bottom line. That’s my opinion.


Business likes to be able to manage risk. The current instability in the USA must be affecting sales and putting assets at risk. Insurance costs will go through the roof. It is in everyone’s interest to have a stable environment in order to thrive. If everyone prospers, B&J will sell more product. If B&J get to be seen as an architect of the new order, smooth move.

Also, I wonder if there is a diabetes class action brewing somewhere?

Ben & Jerry’s is a subsidiary of Unilever.

I haven’t heard anything from Unilever about our current situation. Their website is silent as well (

So it’s great to send out your tiny hippy subsidiary to profit from the feel-goods about our pain, but there’s no need to risk your corporate profits by having the mother ship alienate investors.

BLM vs FRMSP (Fiduciary Responsibility to Maximize Shareholder Profit).



Sorry it’s not a cowboy bebop gif.