Alleged sex offender smashes computer in courtroom


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He probably figured all the court files were in the computer!


Get my eyes checked. I thought I read 'Lil Sex Offender and thought it was a rapper gone bad.


We had a little excitement in the courthouse a few days ago when a Level III Sex Offender vandalized a courtroom during a hearing

Level IV achieved!



I watched it 7 times, keeping my eye focused on a different person to see their reaction each time. It’s an interesting exercise. Try it for yourself.

The one remarkable thing was the different reactions of the two members of the defense team.


He didn’t smash a monitor. It was a laptop. Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if it was just a monitor?


Oh! I’d wondered why the Internet was down a few days ago. Thanks for clearing that up!


So, why is a Sheriff’s office posting video an alleged sex offender onto to FB in the first place? Isn’t this a privacy issue? Can the alleged sex offender sue now?


Things that happen in open court are public record.


Roger that. Do we know that it was an open court?


Truth be told, I assumed. Most court proceedings in the US are open, limited pretty much only by the capacity of the room.


Or Level II? Does it go up or down? And what’s Level III, public urination or serial rape?


I think he has to fuck the computer for that to happen. Now he is just a multi-class, with a Level 1 in vandalism.


It was worth it just for the +1 Mallet of Smashing.


The dude cop points while the lady cop runs straight into the action and takes the guy down. Dude cop bumbles over chairs.


guy seems to be missing the mental circuit that lets one know they can’t just do whatever they want to things that aren’t theirs without consent.


Combining two stories: Maybe he should try the “too stupid” defense- - - - -most of the deputies are already qualified for the “too fat” defense.


I’m finding this a trifle baffling.

Mistaken(I hope, if accurate that would be pretty grim) theory that a single computer in the courtroom stored the only copy of whatever evidence they had on him?

Simple desire to fuck with the system, in what small way was available; because some days you just can’t sit still and let yourself be processed?

One of the flavors of shaky mental health that can help expedite your journey to the correctional system on display?


Q: “How did your client get classified as a sex offender for a parking offense?”

A: “It was a meter violation.”