One more amazing sign from the Women’s March


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But sex offender means "poor person who commits sexual assault. Or any variety of lesser crimes. But still poor.


And more fundamentally, sex offender means someone who committed an act of violence using sexual means against someone WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. It’s not rape if two consenting adults do something sexual together.


depending on what state you live in sex offender can also mean “someone who urinated in a public place and got caught.”


If only Russia had states…


Good point. I was thinking very narrowly, responding specifically to the post above that is almost certainly going to be pulled due to being 1) a lie and 2) inflammatory.




If this is anything like “eat your feelings” this can be a fun suggestion in the short term, but is definitely bad advice for the addiction prone…


I thought that was called “lewd behavior”.


Well, not on topic with the sex offender stuff, but as I’m lazy and can’t find another post about signs (point me to it and I’ll desist), but this one sums it up for me. Librarians are the last bastion against all information behind paywalls and Draconian license use terms. So.


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