Councillor who voted to close all public toilets gets a ticket for public urination


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If this had happened in the US, he’d have the extra joy of being placed on the sex offender’s registry. 8 of 10 on the schadenfreude scale.


40 vs 22 million? Pretty damn good ROI, maybe he needs to pee some more.


When having a pee is outlawed, only outlaws…


Just 549,999 more times and the deficit will be covered!


Taking the piss…


I’m still waiting for the explanation of how urination is supposedly a sex act.


Urine trouble, councillor!


The average bladder is 0.5-1L … If you’re pissing in public, I’m going to go with the upper end of that scale. So, 500,000 Liters is a deficit-freedom-tank of this size:


I’m pretty sure this only applies in the US. It’s the possible exposure of the male sex organ, not the urination, that is considered a sex act. Mission creep at its finest.


I’m sure you could find some videos if you’re really interested. :smile:


You all keep walking and I’ll catch up, I’ve got to take a Jackie.


Consistently doing his part to close the budget gap both as a citizen and a councillor.

It’s rare to see this kind of devotion to duty; the Scots can rightly be proud!



He pissed into the wind one too many times.


There really does need to be a mitigation clause for pissing in “public.” It’s basically an anti-vagrancy law that penalizes being homeless.


It’s all urine pee pee.


Hmm… Are you sure? I was under the distinct impression that it was tinky wees…


And look at that, they’re already making money back!


It might seem that way, but was any actual wealth produced, to be symbolized by the “exchange” of money?