Free shower for public urinator


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I was expecting a different shower but this works.


Void where prohibited.


That reminds me…


Had a friend that lived around the corner from a concert venue and her front stoop became a rest stop every time there was a show. It was disgusting. Cops refused to help her. This fellow’s solution would worked great!


He was looking around too much and posture seemed ‘odd’. It’s possible he was ‘sorting out’ the crotch stash for the next deal. Plus, did he run away with his dick hanging out? Just curious. :kissing_heart:


Prohibited where void.


I wonder how many people prefer to see a “wrongdoer” being “punished” or getting their comeuppance, rather than see repeated public urination as an infrastructure problem due to lack of accessible public restrooms in the area, and will happily spend money to to enforce the former but not fix the latter.


So that’s battery, right?



If you wanna get laughed out of a courtroom, yeah, you could try arguing that.


We couldn’t electrify the wall, no?


That is definitely battery. And I doubt you would get laughed out of the courtroom. The courtroom would definitely laugh, and you may even get a chuckle from the judge or perhaps a pat on the back for a creative anti-urinator measure, but if anyone felt like enforcing the law that day, this is liable conduct.


“I was just washing the urine off my building and this guy somehow got in the way.”


I have the most perfectly apposite sound file to upload in respect of this sign - a witty little ditty from many years ago that I can guarantee nobody here has heard before. But BB does not allow upload of mp3 files.

What’s the best way to share/upload an mp3 file, ideally without having to create a new account somewhere to do so? Off to investigate…


You’re a lawyer?





hmm, I’m willing to figure that out using sentiment analysis of blogs posting this story for 50 thousand diollars!


Especially if there are signs warning people to not pee in the area, which as the youtube channel gtoger helpfully points out doesn’t mean that people will actually read and obey them…

(disclaimer: I heard about the ‘showering on public urinators’ video from said channel; the company gtoger works for also has a problem with people peeing on their building, too.)