Free shower for public urinator

What was long term result of the extremely hydrophobic coating that people tried? I seem to recall it was supposed to reflect back the urine stream.

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I hope this works. It is a blank video with just audio. Bear with it, it’s worth it even if it is not clear where the first two minutes are leading (though the title is a bit of a giveaway).CandidCamera.m4v (2.8 MB)

(Now trying to figure out how to embed it rather than it end up as a download.)

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Nah - that’ll have to do. No idea why iMovie dropped the image I used for the video. But here it is. The singer is a chap called Alan White who was Brighton-based in the 1970s and performed in assorted folk clubs in rooms above pubs during those times. As far as I am aware this is the only record of his output and it is IMHO a great album (albeit with some now dodgy language that is - to be generous - “of its time”, on one or two tracks) being a live recording of one of his gigs. Of course, I may think it great because it brings back memories - I saw him perform a few times - but there’s some very funny stuff in amongst a couple of things that might be a bit more “challenging” these days. No idea what ever happened to him. But the track above encapsulates GulliverFoyle’s earlier image very well indeed.



Dunno if the person you’re responding to is a lawyer, but you don’t need a law degree to know the statutes, or at least have a good working idea of what is likely to be illegal. In fact, as the judge will remind you right before passing sentence, ignorance of the law is not a defense. (That’s a real problem in some cases, but not so much for the garden-variety stuff like battery.)

Every jurisdiction is going to have a slightly different version on the books, but broadly speaking—as tons of internets will tell you—battery is “a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells.” Oh, sorry. I mean, it’s “the use of force against another, resulting in harmful or offensive contact.” That’s from Wikipedia, but again, every criminal defense lawyer in the world has a page on their website for this.

I have no idea if prosecutors in shower-guy’s jurisdiction could ever be bothered to prosecute him for doing this, and for that matter (not necessarily having the benefit of all the evidence) I can’t say he’s guilty. But he’s definitely taking a chance here.


And will happily spend MUCH MORE MONEY to enforce the former, one might add.


Public urintion is annoying as hell, And yet, I know living in New York City how desperate a person can get. Aside from Starbucks (only open in the daytime) most places don’t let non-customers use restrooms. In most of America you can use the restroom in every gas station and convenience store, but in NYC those places almost never have a public restroom. I have less empathy for people who just came from a bar or concert venue that obviously had available restrooms, but there’s a lot of situations where people in NYC anyway have limited choices when they have a physical need. As a couple people said above, it’s largely an infrastructure problem.


Speaking of infrastructure, having lived in both very small towns and very large, I’ve noticed something… in small towns the number of employees to customers is wayyy greater. In cities the population grows and sometimes the service industry has to just do more work. Two good examples of this are post offices (a tiny town of less than 1000 people will have a one or two post office workers and there will often be no line at the post office - whereas in Brooklyn you’ve got what seems like 6 people working the counter of a post office that services a hundred thousand people and you end up with HUGE lines)… but to get back to the topic at hand: convenience store, fast food places etc have to service wayyyy more customers per employee in a large city, and so cleaning restrooms and watching after the people who use them becomes such an annoying task these places just lock their restrooms completely. The answer to me seems to be a society level one. For whatever reason (high rent? greedy business owners?) people don’t want to pay for more employees who would make the task of having more public restrooms (a non-profit making venture) a viable thing in a large city.


Building and maintaining public restrooms should be the job of the local authorities, not of a variety of shopkeepers. In some places, of course, they solve the maintenance problem by charging nickles or dimes for using such restrooms, but really it shouldn’t be a big deal to make at least enough rest rooms available to ake sure there’s no excuse for going in the street.


Are you an artist
living in San Francisco?

Totally. I mean if you’re gonna be a “free market” type and actually care about quality of life there would have to be regulations on private businesses for this sort of thing. Otherwise, yeah the public sector has to step in. Maybe that’s easier and more efficient on the scale of a large city with millions of people. Or I guess we could just have the situation we have and ignore that it’s a problem at all and punish people who desperately gotta go.

You could hire a lawyer to try and prosecute this, but then you’d not only get a shower, you’d take a bath too.

that’s why i asked.

first off, the assault fearing battery thing is not the same in all juridictions

second, lawn implements are not battery. i got hit by a sprinkler at a large university - it wasn’t battery.

the video maker has a pretty strong case, especially before a jury. i bristle at firm pronouncements like “this is x”.

i’m not going to say 100% either way, but i will say that i would feel perfectly comfortable engaging in the same behavior… i just wouldn’t put it on youtube.

(imho the bigger issue is the filming of the pee pee device - depending on the state filming when someone has an expectation of privacy can end poorly and juries are much more sympathetic to “someone filmed me urinating so sickos on the internet could watch”)

No but, I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

It is an interesting question whether someone who has entered another person’s property for the purpose of illegal behavior has an expectation of privacy while doing so. That might make an interesting case.


Sorry, at times I connect things
that are in reality
not even close…
The image was so imaginative, colorful
and irreverent,
that San Francisco came to mind

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