Nude man in doorway is not a criminal


I wonder if one could prosecute/sue/injunct on the grounds that whereas the man is not in a public place, the photons he’s bombarding the neighbors’ eyes with are and he’s responsible for their content.

Hey, look…ugly naked guy is laying tile!


Maybe not illegal but without a doubt anti-social. Some people…


File this one under Sometimes Being A Jerk Is Not A Crime And Shouldn’t Be.


He’d have been arrested and tossed in jail ages ago if he was in Florida. I recall a case many years ago where a couple that had sex in their own bathroom were arrested for indecent exposure because somebody looked in their window. Seems the window faced the swimming pool, and curious children could press their noses against said window and see things their parents didn’t want them to see. The solution, according to the neighbors, police, and courts was to arrest the sexing couple rather than the peeking children.


And being naked is a problem… why, exactly?


I’m surprised that there’s actually a police department in the U.S. which is standing up for that kind of personal freedom even over the objection of neighbors. Most of them just have a “it seems like that must be illegal, let’s cuff 'em” approach.

Or maybe the officers are just afraid of touching a naked guy.


Wouldn’t be the first time.


Why are the neighbors looking inside his house so often?


This is what boggles my mind about these stories.

It’s not fair that we have to look at the naked person!

But… you don’t! The twisted thing is that people are looking at him because he’s naked. Yet - they say they don’t want to see it. So who’s really responsible for the situation?

I wonder if the naked guy is at it again. Look! He is at it there again! I’m so offended. If there was only some way that he could be kept clothed, then I wouldn’t need to stare at his naked body so often.

And, yes, this is how I think about nudity generally. On the beach, walking down the sidewalk, wherever. Nobody is “doing” anything to you because you don’t need to look at them. Look at what you prefer, and pretend you’ve got some self-control.


Sounds like it’s not a matter of having to look IN the house so much as AT the house. If my neighbors did that, especially the ones directly across the street with my kitchen window and front door aiming straight at them, it would be pretty tough for us to miss, and I have to say, it would annoy me too–especially when my kids were smaller. I understand it not being a crime, but you can do a lot of things legally and still be a complete and utter asshole.


Better than laying pipe.


Because most people are huge prudes who want to teach their children that naked bodies are shameful.


But why is a naked person being “tough to miss” a problem, compared to, say, wearing an ugly Hawaiian shirt? Why does them being naked even imply that anybody should dwell upon them being there? I mean, there are lots of things I see, and some I might like more than others - but it’s not like I am forced to look at anything in particular. It just seems weird to me.

Exactly. I’ve had parking “disputes” with neighbors (scare-quotes because I’m not even sure if you could call it that) where the issue is not legality but neighborliness.

“Hey, this thing you do, you know it’s not so much that I don’t think you don’t have a right to it, but it kind of bothers me, and I was wondering if there was some way you could be big–um… noble about this and just not do it? Maybe we can work something out?”
“Oh, yeah sure. I guess I wasn’t thinking about how it might affect you. I just happen to like a breeze, y’know. But since it bothers you, I’ll keep the Pope under a hat when I’m in front, from now on and “hang out” at the back door.”
“Oh cool, thanks. Welcome to the neighborhood.”


Leave my shirt out of this!


That’s the law in Canada - it’s not about where you are, it’s where you can be seen from.

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Well, not a criminal on account of his nakedness, but he could well have committed other non-nudity-related crimes.

Or another way of looking at it:

“Hey, I like to feel the breeze through my pubes, could you and your kids not stare at me?”

“Oh, sorry, our parents didn’t raise us right. We’ll teach our kids that the human body isn’t something to be ashamed of.”