Nudists are terrorists, according to prude



I know I’ve asked before, but am I the only one who thinks that “pearl clutching” is a misogynist phrase, and possibly homophobic, given the origins of the phrase?

Aside from that, it seems mildly ludicrous. So, the only option is for the nudists to be nude wherever they want, vs. not letting them be nude at all? Is there no way for them to have a private beach?


"“We feel if we don’t do something about it now it’s only going to get worse”

Worse. . . how? A person can only get so naked.


Spelling, Rob: “Penticton”, not “Pendicton”.

Unless it was a dick pun, in which case, carry on…


Naked skin? That’s the worst kind!


Yeah, I don’t get it either. Hyperbolic references to terrorism aside, asking people not to run around naked on a public beach doesn’t seem particularly malicious. Neither does agreeing to set up a separate nudist beach. I don’t see why these people can’t respect each other’s lifestyle choices.

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If those new TSA scanners have taught us anything, it’s that countless would-be terrorists have attempted to smuggle nude bodies onto airplanes under their clothing.


I didn’t see any reference to setting up a separate nude beach. Three Mile Beach is pretty much the furthest beach from the center of town - there really is nowhere much else to set up a nude beach.

If the article is to be believed, this is hardly news to the people living there, as it’s been the nude beach in Penticton for decades - they chose to buy property near a nude beach, and are now freaking out about it. To some extent, that puts them in a similar situation to people who buy acreages in the country and are then upset that the farm animals that were there before them have smelly poop.


Worth noting: “The neighbour said everyone living on Three Mile Road signed the petition, except for one man who is a nudist.” - That makes it sound like a lot, but from satellite view, it looks like there are maybe 10 houses on Three Mile Road…


Naked pets. It’s the obvious next step.

Why take the chance, protect those beaches now!

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Terrorists or not, they have nothing to hide!


All I can say is, I’d very much like to see Al Qaeda adopt this tactic.


If there are a couple of hundred nudists, there is a good chance at least one of them has wound up on the US’s worthless terrorism watch list. All of the rest of them have now associated with that one and thus are associated with a suspected terrorist. (Yes, I know this is Canada, not US)

Why don’t they just put Kevin Bacon and everyone within six degrees of association from him on the list and finish this thing already?!


Wait’ll the sunburnt skin starts peeling.

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*British Columbia


Just the first 30 seconds or so here…

Harold and Maude priest

Exactly. Serious melanin deficiency of the populous means driving past a beach with clothes on is hazard enough.

The public nudity areas around me usually get shut down because of a rise in the number of people, then open drug use, then open sex acts, and the final straw is homosexual sex acts. These last two categories are really the problems where nudism is clashing with sexuality. For many, nudism is actually an escape from a sexualized society.

My closest nude camp has an “everything goes” type of weekend once a year, giving the more brazen folks an opportunity to enjoy the place in their own ways too. It also helps subconciously reinforce the no sex rules outside of that weekend, everyone respects that there is a time and place for that.

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Is that a Gun in your hand, or?