Alligators abound in Orleans town!

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I mean… have you been there? It sort of revels in it’s swamplandness… compare that the another major American city that was built on a swamp… Washington DC!


The city park Morning Call re-opened as a Cafe du Monde, so you can eat beignets while watching live gators if that’s what you’re looking for

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First time I visited New Orleans I stayed at a youth hostel where everyone hung out on the back patio in the evening trying to beat the heat. The first night I was there a cockroach started skittering across the pavement and I didn’t understand why everyone was so excited to see it until someone grabbed it and tossed it into a pond on the other side of a low fence. It wriggled in the water for maybe 5 seconds, then SNAP! Down the gullet of a gator I’d had no idea was even there.


What a spectacular town New Orleans is… :crocodile:


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