Alternate use for cast iron pan

Long ago, we were living in an apartment on the iffy side of the swamp. We heard a commotion one evening and looked out to see someone slamming a woman’s head repeatedly into the hood of our car. DH came boiling out of the house with the claymore sword he had been polishing for a friend who does SCA. I couldn’t find anything good for backup, so grabbed the 9" cast iron skillet from the stovetop. The skeeve bailed on seeing us coming (sword more impressive than skillet, of course); last we heard was his parting shot, “I’ll be back as soon as I make bail!!”


Said no Chef ever! The skillet is mightier than the sword, FACT!




Yes, that is the Patron Saint of the Frying Pan.


Big cast iron frying pans are the best for baking Dutch babies/big German pancaeks.

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I can’t see for sure; is that Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men? Och!
aka Our Lady of the Cast Iron.
Thy omelets, they comfort me.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of carbs,
I will fear no diabetes.
And I will dwell in the goodness of sauteed mushrooms forever and ever,


Yes, and close friends with the Blessed Sister of Acceleration, whom I personally have benefited from on occasion of great desperate need to vacate the premises.


I made that once! It’s also the time I learned to grab a pot holder before lifting the skillet out of the oven.

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Much as I love my 4-1/2 decade old cast iron frying pan, I get better results with my All-Clad 10" and 12" pans that among other things get used for making pancakes every Sunday. The hard anodized surface treatment is the best non-stick finish I’ve ever experienced.

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you lied to me

(may not be actual cast iron)


Boi oi oi oi oing!


Cast iron is actually a pretty poor material compared to carbon steel. There’s nothing to stop anyone making a carbon steel pan as thick and heavy as a cast iron pan, but no-one bothers because steel can be made thinner and lighter and it turns out that last kg doesn’t make any difference to the cooking, it just stops it breaking.

It was used historically because cast iron was cheap compared to mild steel. I suspect it no longer is.


Two wonderful stars and a solid stunt in a single gif. ■■■■■!


I was more thinking in the line of tiff


Oh, your poor little froggy hand!
I hope your German pancaek turned out well, at least!

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Can we shuffle this article so it is just above the Ted Cruz one, pretty please? Or even next to a picture of Trump if we still have those. I am not, of course, advocating Tom and Jerry style iron pan to the face violence. It’s more about satisfying page layout, really.


due to circumstances ‘slightly’ in my control, i’ve had to re-learn to cook and pay more attention in the past 3 years.

step 1 - pull out all the cast iron, clean it, re season it, use it.

its my go-to and absolute fave. – as well as PapaSan’s Rule #1 awesome weapon.

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Thanks… this was like 28 years ago. Wasn’t serious but I had to go to work like that, hand slathered with aloe…

The pancake was delicious

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Just added a smile to my day.
Thank you.

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