Great deal on a 6.5-inch Lodge cast iron skillet

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Other than cooking eggs, what do people use these for? I was given one as a gift, but I’ve yet to find a use for it.

In actuality, in the smaller one I make cornbread, tarts, roasted veggies, for the larger ones I make more cornbread, pies, oven fried chicken.


Small cornbreads? Serving dip? Smashing walnuts? Self-defense?


Stephen Root’s armor has a gap in a, uh, sensitive area



Don’t support scabs. Don’t cross the picket line.


That’s getting to the root of the problem! :rofl:

I think they sold out. Couldn’t find one at that price. I cook steak in them.

i have 4 or 5 of these, I use them for making personal size deep dish pizzas. Great party food, everyone can make their own :slight_smile:


Doesn’t have to be cast iron to poach an egg.

I use the larger one for making personal size pizza. Not original; “Every pizza can be a personal pizza if you just believe in yourself”.


Are Lodge employees on strike? Or am I missing something here?

Amazon employees, not Lodge.


You can sear something, a steak say, and finish it the oven all in the same pan. These things are wondrous and if you treat 'em right, your great-grand kids can still be using it after you’re dead.


Go to your local thrift store and look for a vintage one that doesn’t spin on a flat surface and has no deep scratches in the cooking surface. Preferably one that is unmarked as to maker and location, as those are generally both cheaper and older, in the case of location marking. Pay less than $10 for unmarked US made vintage cast iron. Yes, it’s still out there. I bought some more last week.

Clean the crust and rust, using any of the methods you can read about on the internet (I don’t recommend tossing it in a fire, though some folks swear by it) and you’ll end up with something that’s better than the new Lodge stuff, usually at a similar or lower price, without losing the costs of manufacturing a whole new product.

It’s also my personal pet theory that the iron of the past, which was mostly derived from higher quality magnetite and hematite, is better for the skillets than the taconite now used, as the high grade ore has become rare.




Have seen them at West Virginia flea markets too, similarly cheap.

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I inherited an old 12" Griswold that was covered in gunk. I put it in a charcoal grill, put the cover on, and walked away. The next morning, it emerged like a phoenix from the ashes, good as new. After reseasoning it, I used it for several years, but accidentally dropped it, and the handle sheared off. :broken_heart:


I have one of those too, still use it as an oven pan when the other pans are occupied. I think I was trying to crack open a geode, but apparently stressed it beyond it’s parameters.


We used to eat at a place (since closed) that cooked and served lasagna in these. We thought it was so great that we got a couple. We never, ever used them for lasagna, though, especially after we had kids. Just get the bakeware, once-and-done.