'Alternative cancer care' provider Stanislaw Burzynski accused of selling false hope in USA Today investigation


This guy missed his calling in life as a Mike Ditka look-alike.

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It’s never lupus.

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So this story is about people accusing someone of something without looking any further. Perhaps a good journalist would examine why and if the criticisms are fair or not. I’d like to see what the percentages are for our oncologists in mainstream medicine on cancers that have metastasized. Our doctors bankrupt families all the time with their expensive, less than adequate chemotherapy treatments, but no one calls them snake oil salesmen. Has this guy cured anyone or not? The article doesn’t say.

Thanks Xeni. I saw you at that event in SF a few months ago, but didn’t bother you. I was checking out this guy about the time that you got your cancer, which is about the same time that my mom got her cancer (she’s doing great now). At that time, I had one dear friend and another, very young, newlywed, father/family member with a second son on the way, both were diagnosed with brain cancer. We were looking for anything that might be a miracle cure, and/or offer some bit of relief. This guy’s price was too high, and he was too far away for my friend to even think of his snake oil as a cure, but we did think that it was fishy. Sadly, both my friend and my family member passed in 2012, without any assistance from money sucking, soul sucking, hope sucking scumbags like this “Doctor”. Glad to see you kicking cancers ass. Cancer is a bitch.



What part of “Yet the National Cancer Institute says there is no evidence that Burzynski has cured a single patient, or even helped one live longer” is unclear to you?


They haven’t been approved by the FDA, but he has also “prescribed them as a treatment for AIDS, lupus and other conditions.”

Don’t forget “skin-care and general immortality-related supplements”, via Burzynski’s “AminoCare” side-line.

Has this guy cured anyone or not? The article doesn’t say.

It would be easier to tell if Burzynski kept his patients’ clinical records, but unfortunately he is known for destroying the originals (and only keeping retconned versions).


Dear Generic Name- “saying there is no evidence” is not the same as there not being any evidence. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in '94, underwent 3 years of aggressive conventional therapies, failed twice, was told that nothing more could be done for me.

I began antineoplaston therapy, A10-A2-1, in 11/97, achieved complete remission by 4/99 where I have remained since. I have been completely cancer free since 4/99. The FDA definition of cancer cure is five years from one’s cancer diagnosis. Therefore, according to the FDA I was cured by the Burzynski Research Institute using antineoplaston therapy.

To read more about me, go to-


I am currently the director of a 501c3 nonprofit called The Galen Foundation dba PeopleBeatingCancer. You may contact me online if you would like more information. Thanks.

David Emerson
Multiple Myeloma Survivor
Director, Galen Foundation

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It’s really great that you were able to see such a positive result to your battle with Cancer.

However, the statement that ‘therefore, according to the FDA I was cured’ is inaccurate, in the same way that if I have a cold, take an herbal remedy and then recover, saying that I am cured by that remedy is inaccurate.

Cancers do remiss on their own, and the function and form of that remission is not fully understood, and hopefully further study will help to understand those scenarios - the goal of a clinical trial, properly blinded and randomized and then peer reviewed, is to isolate the different components and variables to best determine cause and effect - and as noted, Burzynski has made only piecemeal efforts to properly study his treatment.


“Snake Oil Salesman”/“Merchant of Death”; Potato/Spud; Gasoline/Petrol – alternative terms to use as one sees fit…

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absolutely NO ONE “beats” cancer. a few lucky among us “survive it” for a while. I’m glad you are in remission and okay. Please do not help promote unproven ‘cures’ to desperate people.


Thanks, but I’ll keep my orgone accumulator.

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Replying actually to ‘generic-name’. “What part of “Yet the National Cancer Institute says there is no evidence that Burzynski has cured a single patient, or even helped one live longer” is unclear to you?” Here is what is clear to me: “There is no evidence” is a cheap little mind game. Has The NCI done any studies? Do they have any research that would show he hasn’t cured anybody? “Gold standard” studies are prohibitively expensive. Most alternative treatments cannot be patented or protected. If someone had ‘clinical evidence’ that vitamin D was important as a cancer prevention tool, they could never do the “gold standard” test because they could never make a red cent out of their results to pay for the study. Meanwhile, the pharma companies PAY for the research, often in pharmacy labs and university departments they own. They also control the data and prohibit the scientists from publishing contrary data. Only a sucker believes such studies. None of this, of course, says that Burzynski has helped anyone. I have no reason to think he has. But please understand that if SOMEONE were to help anyone with alternative treatments, pharma would move in to declare that there was “no evidence”:- where what that means is, no studies they themselves conducted.

Not sure how much this matters, but just wanted to point out that Orac is David Gorsky, so I found that last sentence slightly amusing.

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Too bad that it took the death of a child to kick the FDA into some action.

Another “mind game” people like to play is imagining that there is a vast conspiracy of big companies keeping natural cures from a sick public (see: Kevin Trudeau), how many times have I heard about how the oil companies bought up the rights to a car that runs on water and are keeping it hidden from the public?

Burzynski has been plying his antineoplaston therapy since 1977, and in all that time NCI, the American Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK, and the Mayo Clinic have found no evidence that his trials provide any benefit at all. Independent oncologists asked to look at his data describe it as flawed and “scientific nonsense” and cannot reproduce his results. He also charges a lot of money for these “trials.” All of that sure sounds like “snake oil salesman” to me, but hey, I could be wrong; monkeys have never flown out of my ass before either, but that could happen at any moment.

Also, knowing that Burzynski has hired people to threaten online critics makes me suspicious of newly created usernames who have only commented on this one thread.


Has The NCI done any studies? Do they have any research that would show he hasn’t cured anybody?

If only the Intertubes provided some sort of “search engine” which would allow one to make such inquiries.


Ah, the famed Burzynski Schills are here!

Rule of thumb: Doctors can do whatever they want without government interference (hospital oversight is another mater). The FDA heavily regulates products sold to doctors and to the public. But it tends to keep hands off of treatments done under the care of a doctor. If the doctor writes a prescription for it, it’s allowed.

This is sort of how all new medical advances are made that require clinical trials. Doctor supervised experimental stuff is done until proven safe or not. The FDA keeps an extraordinarily light touch until the treatment is being marketed.

This isn’t to say that Doctors are immune to the consequences. Informed consent covers their ass some, but malpractice is malpractice.

Warning: this is a gross simplification, but a good starting point.

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Is that the name of his softball team?