'Wellness Guru' Belle Gibson lied about having brain cancer, profited from lying about bogus cancer cures



Let’s just inject some cancer cells into her brain and call it even.

EDIT: OK, that was a mean thing to say and I wouldn’t really give her brain cancer if it were within my power to do so. But if I were forced to choose one person who was to get brain cancer then she’s just moved pretty close to the top of the list.


Even more impressive than having cancer is preventing the cancer she never had with food and woo!


Exactly why is she not being prosecuted for fraud? It seems like a slam dunk case.


Abso-fucking-lutely. I love you for writing this. The worst thing these assholes peddle is false hope to patients and families.


This post seems to be all over the place. Perhaps because it hits so close to home for Xeni, but I had a difficult time trying to decide from this post if this woman is evil (certainly, it seems many around her are at the minimum) or mentally ill (her comments which seem to imply she created her own reality would point toward that) or perhaps both.

I agree with everything about the “community” which allows these frauds to exist, but I have a hard time determining if this woman was a mastermind, or a pawn…

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I am hoping for prosecution or at least a padded cell for her and people like her; Burzynski, Gonzales, and other sane or insane peddlers of woo. A family member of mine that was sick spent important time (her last time on earth) and large sums of money, believing in erroneous info from these fkn hellspawn. Fuck these shysters, in this life and the next.


Munchausen’s by blog post?


That’s not a good thing to wish upon others, however heinous. Neither is rape, neither is suicide. I think it’s just fine to hope for a lawsuit and some humiliation. But never forget that some of the people the internet finds guilty are actually innocent, and the standard of evidence really sucks.


If I’m reading it right, the lying she did was in service of sales of her app, but making vague claims to sell books and iOS apps may be unethical and dodgy, it’s not illegal. Promising ‘for realz’ to give revenues from app sales to charity and then not doing it is likewise scumy, unless she represented herself AS a charityor did it in a way that is legally binding.

So essentially she didn’t break the law, she’s just a terrible, terrible person.

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I too had a similar reaction, but then I thought, “you know, she’s a lot like one of those anti-science, anti-vaxxer types, but maybe I shouldn’t lump her in there” – too late - Belle Gibson already jumped on that too:


I feel like the profiting crosses the gray area between the question of is she sick or just an asshole. Im willing to listen to more opinions, but right now I have no tolerance for her “I’m confused” rhetoric.


yeah, I agree. I mean, we have to take her word on her thought process, and right now, I don’t think many are going to give her the benefit of the doubt. I think the profiting is what puts me over the edge in thinking she isn’t just mentally ill. Even if she was able to convince herself that she had cancer and overcame it through these “miracle cures”, it is something else all together to justify not turning the money over to charity as promised…

EDIT: that being said, I still think the post was written in such a way that it was difficult to determine which side Xeni was taking at any given point.

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From the article:

So yeah. Fuck Belle Gibson. ... "I don't want forgiveness. I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, 'Okay, she's human.' "

Got it. You’re human. Barely.

Xeni brings up other points about the culture that allows this sort of bullshit, as well as those who enabled her, but … I think Xeni’s distaste for this terrible woman is clear.


All she needs is one person who delayed or didn’t get real medical treatment for their cancer because of her, and boom, lawsuit.



I don’t know anything about Australian law or how it differs from US law, but if they have an equivalent to theft by deception then she would seem to be guilty of it.


Very well said. Thank you.

She seems to be a dirty, manipulative bitch…if mentally ill, she definitely needs help.
If doing this solely for profit, she deserves whatever bad karma comes her way. I can think of many bad things to befall her.
My dad is fighting stomach cancer right now, and seeing this bullshit really pisses me off.

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