Amazing balloon-powered pipe organ made of paper and cardboard


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I’ve never seen a balloon made of either paper or cardboard.


Amazing. But those looked like little piano hammers. Why…?


They are just compound levers, it looks like. Key lever pressed down lifts other end of key lever up, which lifts up other lever which pulls down the valve opening for that pipe.


Hmph. My house with full plumbing and electricity is built of nothing but sticks and stone.


First thing I’d do is use helium, for higher octaves.



… not before the whole thing just floats way.


That thing is just absolutely gorgeous!


Thanks for this. I’ve been feeling way too adequate lately.



Paper and card? That will just get soggy in my sewer lair! How am I supposed to play Toccata and Fugue in D Minor while cackling maniacally under these conditions!


Clearly, they are planning on putting one of these in the White House - this explains everything!


Written in RUSSIAN? I’m gonna need Flynn to translate this?


My secret dream is to make a street organ, (ideally with percussion, normal, kazoo and chime registers) and run around conventions playing video game music. This gives me hope that such a device could be light enough that it wouldn’t necessarily kill someone it fell upon.


Very cool.


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