Amazing drone's-eye ocean videos of whales and dolphins. Lots of them


OMG! What if the drone failed and fell into a whale’s blowhole and the whale drowned!? I call for an immediate ban on all open-ocean drone use!



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Excited for tomorrow’s tour with Captain Dave! w00t whales!

Fly drone over inanimate object:Some fucking shithead flew a drone into this beautiful fucking geyser”

Fly drone over endangered whales:Amazing drone’s-eye ocean videos of whales and dolphins. Lots of them.” and " I’ve gone on a few trips with Captain Dave, and they’re awesome. "

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Piloting skills make all the difference.


Hopefully, there will be a Marine Biologist nearby.


Actually, deciding what flights are safe and won’t endanger people or animals is the first step. Buzzing endangered whales? Cool footage, but definitely more dangerous to mamals that buzzing the geyser.

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Many years ago, I used to repair some of the equipment used by Canada’s Dept. of Energy, Mines, and Resources, specifically one of the places where they processed the aerial film which used to be used for making maps.

In one of their hallways, there was a beautiful photo, taken somewhere in Northern Canada, where (I’m guessing) some 150 whales (not dolphins, whales!) where swimming amongst the icebergs.

I should have stolen that photo…

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Yeah, but that’s true of things like cars, too. And yet, while we saw calls to ban all drones in national parks, we didn’t see calls to ban all cars or to require licenses to fly drones (which I’m guessing many at BB wouldn’t take too kindly to).

The first step is flying a lot. A LOT. Then and only then you have enough knowledge of the flight envelope of the machine to be able to make good decisions. And increase the proportion of cool footage to inevitable crashes.

The sea was angry that day, my friends.

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