Drone footage of gray whales and calves

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“Not to be a buzzkill, but” let me give you a big list of things you shouldn’t get excited about, including the specific things people are excited about in this video.

On second thought, I guess that is sort of intended to be a buzzkill.


It’s a buzz that deserves to be killed, though. Remotely-operated vision of whales from a safe & respectful distance would be a beautiful thing. Parking the boat the recommended distance away and observing, and enjoying the closer observation if the whales happen to come closer WITHOUT doing anything to upset them: I can also support that. This (especially the underwater camera of the people leaning out of the boats & touching the whales with their hands) just looks like ugly exploitation.

Oh I agree. I just thought it was a funny choice of phrase for the post.

why is this recommended?

Is this the same Mark Carwardine, renowned zoologist, who famously wrote “last chance to see” with Douglas Adams and then made a TV show follow up with Stephen Fry?

If I get that near a whale, I am petting that goddam whale.

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