Scientists accidentally film sperm whale, get adorably excited



Thank you for posting this. Seriously made my day.


Good to hear the MST3K crew is still going.

I love the way they don’t need profanity to express their pleasure and awe.


I love it. You can tell that THIS is one of those lifetime dream moments for all of them. A very sweet experience.


Wonderful thing.

I would like to hear their commentary track to this sperm whale scat video…

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A good video to show to anyone who thinks that scientists are some kind of breed apart. We are just normal people who get just as excited as anyone when a whale comes to visit.

Yeah, but the difference between scientists and normal people is that there’s actually a decent chance of a whale coming to visit at YOUR workplace.

The Kraken guy was… um- Kraken me up.

I’ll show myself out.


I was surprised how quickly it could tilt and spin around, for such a gigantic animal. Usually whales almost seem to be moving in slow motion… have they been secretly slowing them down for all those nature documentaries?

Alas, I’m no longer in science, but my brother did give me this video from his job working on a survey boat (I don’t think he took the video, it’s just one that’s been passed around).

The difference being that a marine biologist has the knowledge and expertise to have good reasons get excited beyond simply “That’s amazing”.

The scientists have the special privilege of being able to appreciate this stuff even more than us plebs. And that’s one reason why I’ve always loved studying and science. It enriches my appreciation for the world. It’s nice that something is universally recognizable as special and beautiful, but appreciating these kinds of things at a much deeper level of understanding is what I find truly special.

TL;DR, I agree with you even moreso?

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