BBC TV reporter is very excited about Blue Whale that just photobombed his live shot


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That’s the guy from Deadly 60, he’s awesome!


High points for having something interesting to say instead of just screaming, “Oh, wow – look at that!” It’s as if he was prepared for this moment no matter how long he’d have to wait.


Huh. I totally thought they were bigger than that.

Thanks, Walt!


My thought exactly. He could have rambled incoherently, but he had all his knowledge at the ready.


Also: unlike in the movie, whales aren’t hollow, FYI. Walt lied about that bit, too.


He’s become so excited, he’s started involuntarily looping.


This series was pretty good for a primetime live wildlife show, they saw some pretty amazing things. Also Blue Whales are awesome :smile:


Pfffft. Who you gonna believe – this guy doesn’t even have a moustache!


It would have been brilliant, were it not for the insufferable matt baker.

matt baker does not deserve capital letters.


Well, this looks like it was part of “Big Blue Live”, and blue whales seem to have been expected to show up at some point, even though they hadn’t for the previous two days. So yeah, I’m guessing they came in prepared to give lots of info about all the different animals they were there to see.


Monterey Ca.?


This is pretty awesome. I don’t think I even saw a good photo of one when I was a kid.


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