Amazing, horizontal lightning bolt


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Any word if STAR Labs got struck by lightning that night?


Look, I’m all for lightning…the way it’s supposed to be. We’ve got this crazy horizontal lightning now. That’s with Obama. When I’m there, it will be nothing but vertical lightning, I guarantee. This horizontal lightning is just sad! Believe me, this is only because God is trying to wipe out as many Democrats as he can, maybe. That’s just sarcasm…but not too much, maybe. Sad!


Thor’s drunk again…


Special effects are not fake, they just may not be what you think they are.


Cloud-to-cloud lightning, I believe.


What you’re saying is that calling them “special” effects is now inappropriate, and we should be calling them “different” effects now?




huh? Apple’s Lightning can be used for establishing WANs?

[yeah, I wasn’t paying attention and got confused about the topic]


Back when I was a superhero, I was the Amazing Horizontal Lightning Bolt. I did my best work on my back. And, no, I don’t know why people laugh when I say that.


Get the paddles, God’s flat-lining!


Well, that musta been some super high speed camera.


Well, I wouldn’t call them Wide Area Networks, because the longest Lightning cable you can buy is about 10 feet … but, hey, don’t let me discourage you from trying.




There is no such thing as now. But I have thought that calling them “special effects” has been daft since forever. And I have even created some of them. The horror host Zacherley often calls them “special defects”, which I rather like.

I think it is the concept itself which is bogus. One can’t obtain evidence of another’s intent, but one can obtain evidence of what one actually perceives. The underlying perceptual problem is the tendency to believe/disbelieve things for a feeling of certainty when one typically has no evidence either way. It’s just data.


Zeus does whatever Zeus fells like. OK?


I intend to refute this point!


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