Amazing illustrations from a doodle pad printed with a partially completed drawing of a naked woman


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It’s definitely art far superior to what I could produce, but I think the poses in previous installments were more amenable to creative interpretations. These seem like too much of a stretch.


This reminds me of old MAD cartoons. And no, this has nothing to do with the MAD logo heading the front page of BB currently. :smile:


He seems to like drawing pictures of women committing violent acts.


His style is sort of in the vein of Al Jaffee - and I mean that in the best way possible. :grinning:


Reminds me of the limitless artistic potential of the lowly Pee-Chee folder…


… with motorcycles. I’m into it.


brilliant stuff, I’ve saved a few of these to a special folder (cough)


Some of it reminds me of S. Clay Wilson, of Zap Comix.


I was thinking more along the line of Jaffee’s boyhood pal from the Bronx Will Elder - but yeah, definitely old school MAD. :laughing:


OK not my imagination.


Amazing stuff.


I like that he worked in the girl from a previous series into the swimming pool pic.


Love these, sweet subversion of the original!


I love all those guys… Jaffee… Elder… Spy Vs Spy… Don Martin… Aragones… I grew up on MAD. DJ


Yeah! I love all those ZAP artists. Wilson., Moscoso, Crumb, Rick Griffin A+!A+!


I’ve got some newer works up on IG, too… check them out if you’d like… :slight_smile: -DJ


Pretty fuckin sweet.

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