Amazing looping GIFs of waves


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Appropriate soundtrack for staring at these:


Sorry but I thought a GIF had to be just that and not an MP4 - it’s like calling a WAV an MP3 or an RTF a DOC.


In an age where people ask other people to take a selfie of them, I’m not surprised.


Reminds me of the Lava Lamp Wave Machine!


Nice, very relaxing.



Is that a hard ‘M’, or a soft one?


Maybe I’m too picky, but I can’t help starting by looking for the moment where you can see the animation looping, that moment where the artifice betrays itself, that point where it looks janky or jagged or uneven. If I find it, like with these animations, I lose interest. It’s gotta look like a smooth never-ending motion to get me hooked.


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