Big wave surfing season in Portugal was mind-blowing this year

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Is it just me (probably) but is the use of slow motion to convey how enormous something is getting old? I really wanted to see, in real time, from start to finish, someone’s run on one of these waves. I quit the video half way through (so maybe there is some, but I doubt it) simply because it was just taking so long, and it was getting boring. Sure, they are awe inspiring, and I get it. But it seems like they are all like this now. It’s all about the artistry but no action.


Yep, I quit. Bored. Too much slow motion.

And the dramatic music…I tend to mute these types of vids now. I’d rather hear the waves crashing than some track with deep existential meaning (to someone else) or a manipulative string section – the ocean and what it does is meaningful enough on its own.

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