Watch some relaxing surfing on Hawaii's famed North Shore


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The long-distance, slow motion shots are the most relaxing…the tight close-up shots are pretty harrowing. Not being able to see what’s just outside the frame (SHARK???) is troublesome to me.


“Catch a wave and yer sitting on top of the world”

Beach Boys


What were those dark things under the water – other surfers/boards? Shadows? Freakin’ whales?


The sunset segment near the end (starting around 4:15) was superb.


Glass Shark


heading off on friday for a week of surfing…to where a guy was attacked by a great white yesterday and where a dead whale is now lying on the beach. it’s enough to drive a lesser person to golf.


Please note I never used the “s” word in my post.
And yet you knew exactly what I was thinking . . .
This explains a lot about my childhood fear of being in the water alone or where I couldn’t see through it. I always knew there was something there!


Fun fact: In Dutch “golf” is the word we use for wave, so when we talk about wave surfing (to differentiate it from wind surfing) we call it “golfsurfen”.




In water photogs and other surfers getting out from the back of the wave


Stephanie Gilmore absolutely rips.
That lipper at the 4:00 mark is flawless.

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