Amazing pop art purses that look like real food


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I like the “taco” purse, I’d wear that.


None of this looks like real food, but the woman with the pancake purse looks like Kristen Schaal made out of plastic.


There is a good English translation of a recent interview she did here:

She is a real testament to the maker work ethic, when combined with social media savvy.

Well done!

Has anyone here bought any of her purses? I see from the interview they are made from ‘marshallowey’ clay - really light and soft and rock hard when it dries - and mattress foam. I wonder how the purse openings work, and how robust they are. The donuts, pies, and Dutch pastries, all super fantastic!


The model is in fact the artist herself.


Well, pretty neat. It is not Cheeseburger Backpack - but neat.


I didn’t know Max Headroom had a daughter.


I love the cereal one but can’t figure out how it opens.


From the bottom:


I can’t figure out how any of them open, but presumably there is a narrow cut between the two ends of the chains. Argh, too late! From the bottom!


I want all of these but the prices make the kitschy Betsey Johnson ones look like bargains.


Every Tuesday.


That way you can be sure to have the money on you to gladly pay for the hamburger purse.




One of my partners crocheted themselves a cheeseburger backpack for an event at their library. They’re still using it, of course! I’ll see if I can get pictures.


OK, I had to wait to be sure I had permission to share this …

The full outfit includes the “star” shirt, but does not include Misty, their feline helper. (He does provide a nice reference for scale, of course.) @CosmicCat can provide more details if they wish!


Nice! And cutie ¿calico?!


Thats pretty awesome, nice work! Did you see my kids Garnet costume?

Search for the Halloween thread.


It’s been two days, and nobody used the phrase “ham wallet” yet?


Yes! Or at least I’m pretty sure I did. I remember the discussion about re-purposing Hulk hands. I’ll have to make sure that @CosmicCat sees the pictures if they haven’t seen them already.